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Allison Steel #BeingReal #KeepYouHeadUp #NeverGiveUp #BePosative#NoBullies I've recently had the Honor of meeting Allison Steel along with her band mates and a few family members, this #LADY is the #REAL#DEAL down to earth, humble, drivin, and all the other positive accolades that should be bestowed upon a #GREATPERSON I think we all wish things like this did not happen but the reality is it dose as still dose today, Hopefully with a few POSITIVE persons like Allison Steel and Krystal Rachelle Madden and there Group 2Steel Girls positive change can happen. Let me just tell you one of the things I find impressive about Allison Steel and Krystal Rachelle Madden of 2Steel Girls they drove 14 hour's not stopping to eat sleep or rest came to a venue put on one KICKA$$ show and still took time to sit down with myself and BC Lee from WBCW NETWORKS Florida Country Radio to chit chat for a few hour even though exhausted and knowing they were returning home in just a few hour's. It is my belief that you NEW ARTIST and BANDS have a ROLL MODEL to look up to in 2Steel Girls who are not ONLY THE REAL DEAL but willing to talk or advise anyone because that's just who they are, they don't do it for FAME, Recognition or anything else other than in there HEARTS they just feel it's the RIGHT THING TO DO. This is but one thing i most ador about them and i could go on and on with a million other things but that's for another time this is for this posting and the relevance to it. It's would be this Humble Country Boy's Opinion that if you want Real Down to Earth NO B.S. insight and conversation you should be following them on there social media's and become a HIVE member, I have been a HUGE FAN of theirs from DAY ! and always will be. So in closing Thank you Allison Steel & Krystal Rachelle Madden Todd Steel and the entire 2Steel Girls Organization for all you have done, Will Do, and Are doing not just in the Music Industry but in LIFE IT'S SELF #KeepTheConversationGoing #WomenInMusic 🇺🇸🎸🤠ⓣ ⓘ ⓟ ⓢ ⓗ ⓘ ⓢ ⓗ ⓐ ⓣ 🤠🎸🇺🇸 #RememberToLoveOneAnother

"Allison Steel

October 28 at 4:40 PM

I'm gonna share something with y'all... I've shared a little about this before. When I was in school it was so hard. I was so geeky...not only was I geeky, we didn't have much, free lunches, clothes were cheap or hand me downs and Goodwill clothing....We didn't fit in. We were the odd ones. I was so quiet at school. Every day on the bus I was told how ugly I was and called names. My brother Chris was too. Life was pretty rough between all the stress at school and on the bus and home stuff. I was never asked to even one school dance, not one date, ever. I felt so ugly and was so insecure. As a kid I thought about taking my own life many times. I felt like I had no hope, was no good for anything or at anything and wondered why I was even born.

Today, my life is a lot different. I don't drop my head when I enter a room. I am confident....When did I change? Well, I didn't just wake up one day and things were different. The change began with me and took years. It took years to get past the hurts. I had to fight mentally every day. I had to learn to see the positive in life and to look past the negatives. I had to learn to believe in myself and love me. All of this was a huge battle that began and continued in my mind. I had to change how I looked at myself, those around me and life in general.

I am posting this to just let you know...If you're going through some rough stuff, I've been there. It feels like life will never get better, but it can and it will. So, hold on. Don't you dare give up!

Just tonight I had a man tell me on a public Facebook post how "Goofy looking" I was. As a kid I would have broke down and cried. But, I'm a different person today...I laughed. Not only did I laugh, I looked at his profile pics and thought how goofy he looked. Haaaa!!!! IAs a kid I would have never thought anything about what the person who said that was or looked like. I would have taken everything inwardly. I saw his picture and didn't say a word about it tho. You know why??? I've learned that some of the meanest people are the ones who are insecure in themselves.

I said all that to say this....Just love yourself !!! You are unique...You are beautiful! Fight for you. How do you fight??? Don't fight by lowering yourself to their level with insults and negativity. Fight by believing in yourself and creating a beautiful, successful life. Prove those jerks wrong!!!! Your life is worth living and living well. You are pretty enough. You are unique and you ARE SPECIAL! And you are strong enough to change your life!!! ❤️"





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